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A man who sexually assaulted his half-sister when she was 13-years-old has been jailed for two and a half years.

The court heard that following the attack, the girl pushed her bed up against her bedroom door so that her attacker would not get back in.

The woman described how she told her then 18 or 19-year-old brother that she was going to “tell mammy or the guards” and had cried all night following the assault “until her eyes were raw”.

The court heard that the defendant’s background and upbringing were dysfunctional, that he had been subjected to ongoing physical abuse and there ….read more

A serial offender who trapped and attacked a woman before masturbating in front of her has been returned to jail for two years after failing to leave the country as a condition of his sentence.

Chico Makamda (39) had been sentenced in 2019 to seven and a half years with the final two and a half years suspended on condition that he leave the country within 14 days of his release.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard today that Makamda failed to leave the country as required after being released in January 2022 and has since accrued two convictions for failing to notify ….read more

A former fisherman who fell into drug addiction broke into a Supermacs while wearing a pair of underpants on his head, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court has heard.

Philip Daly (52), who has 102 previous convictions, had been attempting to feed a “deep seated” drug addiction but defence counsel said their client’s behaviour has improved “markedly” since.

Daly of Curran Park, Balbriggan pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to two counts of burglary at the Supermacs and Papa Johns in Texaco service station Balbriggan on May 24, 2020 and one burglary at a hairdresser on Chapel Street, Balbriggan on February 2, ….read more

A man who twice raped a 19-year-old woman after breaking into her home and threatening her with a crowbar has been given a 10-year jail sentence.

Daryl McCarthy (29) first orally raped the young woman and when she told him she did not want to have sex, he raised the crow bar and threatened: “Do you want a smack of this?”

The Central Criminal Court heard that the victim is still deeply affected by the offences and has moved from her home in an effort to feel safe.

“But it was not an intrusion on a point on a map,” she said, ….read more

(Pictured: Judge Pauline Codd. Photo: Collins)

A judge has said there must be a deterrent to stealing from taxi drivers and others providing public services and they can not be seen as an easy target, as she imposed an eight-year sentence on a knife-point robber today.

“People who are interfacing with the public have to be protected by the courts,” Judge Pauline Codd said today.

Judge Codd was speaking at the sentencing of Michael Collins (32) for the knife-point robbery of two taxi drivers, who outlined in their victim impact statements how they have been and continue to be financially and psychologically impacted ….read more

(Pictured: Mr Gerard Russell. Photo: Collins)

A former manager at St Vincent’s University Hospital who fraudulently used a company credit card to make purchases of over €22,000 has avoided a jail term.

Gerard Russell (55) of New Park Road, Blackrock, pleaded guilty to six counts of theft and deception on dates between August 2014 and June 2015.

An audit was performed after transactions of a “domestic and personal nature” raised a red flag. A large number of items were delivered to the hospital and some were recovered from Russell’s home.

Russell has no previous convictions and there was no victim impact statement before the ….read more

(Pictured: Judge Martin Nolan. Photo: Collins)

A judge has said that the State should have “taken its courage” in both hands in relation to the charges against a man who gardai believe was involved in the attempted theft of €700,000 but who appeared before a court after pleading guilty to laundering €1,500 only.

Judge Martin Nolan was speaking at the sentence hearing of Valentin Radu (34) for money laundering in relation to €1,500 withdrawn from a bank account in November 2020.

The larger sum had been transferred to the bank account, which belonged to a person known to Radu, earlier that ….read more

A woman who was coercively controlled, choked and repeatedly raped by a man she met through a dating website has described how he took just six weeks to destroy her life.

During the relationship Dean Ward (36) sprayed Mace into the woman’s face, tied her up, choked her, repeatedly assaulted and raped her and threatened to kill her. He also used various coercive control methods.

The Central Criminal Court heard that during one ordeal, Ward put his arm around the victim’s neck until she was unable to breath or speak after running her a bath and commenting that he knew she had ….read more

A 13-year-old girl pushed her bed up against her bedroom door after a sexual assault by her half-brother so that he would not get back in, a court has heard.

The woman described how she told her then 18 or 19 year old brother that she was going to “tell mammy or the guards” and had cried all night following the assault until her eyes were raw.

The 40-year-old accused man, who cannot be named to protect his sister’s identity, pleaded guilty at the Central Criminal Court to the sexual assault at the victim’s family home on a date in 2001.

A local ….read more

A single dad who created fictitious loans for himself because he needed money “to put food on the table” has avoided a jail term.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that Aidan Donegan (51), a former agent for a personal credit company, has now repaid the fraudulent loans in full.

Donegan of Daltree Avenue, Ballycullen, Dublin 24, pleaded guilty to creating fictitious loans at Provident Personal Credit, Ballybogan Business Park, Cabra on dates in 2013 and 2014.

He also pleaded guilty to using a passport knowing it to be a false instrument and to stealing €700.

Detective Garda Patricia Davey told Karl Finnegan BL, prosecuting, ….read more

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