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Delivery cyclist cleared of murdering 16-year-old while being assaulted

Central Criminal Court

A food delivery cyclist who has spent over 500 days in custody accused of murdering 16-year-old Josh Dunne has been cleared of any offence in relation to the fatal stabbing by a unanimous Central Criminal Court jury.

The jury accepted George Gonzaga Bento’s position that he was acting in self-defence after being attacked by a gang when he and a colleague tried to retrieve a stolen bike. He said he had pulled out a utility knife that he carried for cutting fruit and stabbed three people, including 16-year-old Josh.

They rejected the State’s contention that Mr Bento had decided to take the ….read more


Lidl unfairly sacked deputy manager who discounted €7 worth of baked goods


Lidl has been ordered to pay over €21,000 to a deputy manager who was unfairly sacked over discounting €7.20 worth of baked goods for himself to buy close to the end of his shift.

Arkadiusz Grzyb, who had nine years’ service at the supermarket, had his complaint under the Unfair Dismissals Act upheld in a decision published this morning

He argued the goods were “stale” and would have been “written off and disposed of” — and that since he put a price of 20c on the goods in both instances Lidl had in fact made a “surplus” on goods which were to ….read more


Whitsun Break

High Court

The Higher Courts have begun their scheduled Whitsun Break.

Full coverage will resume on Courts News Ireland with their return for Trinity term on June 15th.


Sergeant's allegations that investigation was 'a sham' were 'very disturbing', retired senior garda tells trial


(Pictured: Retired Garda Sergeant Paul Barry. Photo: Collins)

A retired senior garda officer has told the Disclosures Tribunal that she was “hurt” and “disturbed” by a sergeant’s allegations that her investigation into his bullying and harassment complaints was a “sham”.

In a letter to the Minister for Justice, the now retired sergeant Paul Barry described Chief superintendent Catherine Kehoe’s investigation as a “sham” and alleged that the “inordinate” amount of time taken to conclude inquiries amounted to “perverting the course of justice”.

The tribunal is investigating claims made by Mr Barry, formerly of Mitchelstown Garda Station in Co Cork, who made a 2012 ….read more

Outside Stock

Josh Dunne murder trial juror asks about production of knife charge

Central Criminal Court

The jury in the trial of a food delivery cyclist who stabbed teenager Josh Dunne to death will return to the Central Criminal Court tomorrow to continue their deliberations.

George Gonzaga Bento’s lawyers have argued that he was acting in self-defence when he stabbed three people, including 16-year-old Josh Dunne. The trial heard that Mr Bento and his friend Guillherme Quieroz followed a bike thief through Dublin 3 but when they tried to retrieve the bicycle they were attacked by a gang. Josh Dunne was among a group of teenagers who got involved and Mr Bento stabbed him, causing his death.

Mr ….read more


Josh Dunne murder trial jury question why 'instigator' was not called as witness

Central Criminal Court

A jury considering their verdict in the trial of a food-delivery cyclist accused of murdering teenager Josh Dunne have questioned why the “instigator” of the fatal row was not called to give evidence in the trial.

The jury at the Central Criminal Court had been sent out to begin their deliberations this afternoon but returned shortly afterwards with a list of questions.

They said that they had heard from “everyone” except one of the people who assaulted the accused’s friend and a man on a moped who stole a bike belonging to another delivery cyclist.

The trial heard that Mr Bento ….read more

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