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Paul McDermott

Attempted Murder jury warned to be "especially cautious" about identification evidence

Central Criminal Court

(Pictured: Mr Justice Paul McDermott. Credit: Collins)

A jury has been warned to be “especially cautious” when considering the evidence of a woman who said she could identify the gunman who fired shots into her home.

Before sending the seven men and five women out to begin considering their verdicts, Mr Justice Paul McDermott told the jury: “Experience has shown that mistakes can occur even when two or more witnesses have made identifications. You have to be especially cautious before accepting her evidence that she recognised Robert Lawlor as the gunman.”

Mr Lawlor denies that he is the gunman who attempted to murder ….read more

Outside Stock Close

Bank "quite happy" to let man live in home bought using forged documents

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

A “misguided” man who used fake documents to apply for a €270,000 mortgage in order to give his family “a stable home” has received a fully suspended sentence.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that the bank is “quite happy” to allow the man continue to live in the house, as mortgage repayments are “ongoing and regular”.

The court heard that Patrick Spollen (36) used the loan to buy a house in Walkinstown, Dublin. He and his family now live there and he continues to service the mortgage.

Spollen, of Thomas Moore Road, Walkinstown pleaded guilty to inducing Bank of Ireland by ….read more

Gda Nicholas Keogh 6

Desk duty not designed to humiliate "whistleblower", senior garda says


(Pictured: Garda Nicholas Keogh. Credit: Collins)

By Paul Neilan

A chief superintendent has denied that confining a whistleblower to indoor duty at the public desk was designed to humiliate or target him, a tribunal has heard.

The Disclosures Tribunal is in its sixth week of hearing evidence into the treatment of Garda Nicholas Keogh, who made a protected disclosure in 2014.

Gda Keogh alleges that a senior member of the Athlone drugs unit, identified to the tribunal as Garda A, was in an improper relationship with an alleged heroin dealer, identified as Ms B.

The tribunal, chaired by Judge Sean Ryan, is investigating if Gda ….read more

Crevan Mackin SCC

Five before non-jury court on Hutch murder plot charges

Special Criminal Court

Five men have appeared before the Special Criminal Court charged with conspiring to murder a member of the Hutch family last year.

Each of the accused men are also charged with taking various roles with the intention of helping a criminal organisation commit a serious offence, namely the murder of Patrick “Patsy” Hutch.

Two of the five accused have been further charged with directing the activities of a criminal organisation within the State.

Ciaran O’Driscoll (24), with an address at Avondale House, Cumberland Street, Dublin 1, Patrick Curtis (38) and his brother Stephen Curtis (32), both of Bellmans Walk, ….read more

Court of Criminal Appeal

"I'm not going to lie to you garda. I am just after robbing a guy in Rathmines": court hears of open admission

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

A robber who admitted his crime after being stopped by a garda who noticed him cycling his bike through a red light has been jailed.

Stephen Whelan (36) was asked why he had thrown a phone under a car by the garda who had signalled him to stop in order to speak to him about the manner in which he was cycling.

Whelan replied: “I am not going to lie to you garda. I am just after robbing a guy in Rathmines.”

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard Whelan, who was under serious pressure due to a drug debt, brought gardai to the spot ….read more


Pakistani man jailed for travelling on fradulent passport

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

A Pakistani man who travelled from Ireland to the UK for work on a fraudulently obtained passport card because he feared being deported due to an expired visa has been jailed for 14 months.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard Muhammad Aslam (41) and his wife left Pakistan as their marriage did not comply with their parents’ wishes. They settled in the UK but as his visa there was about to expire they came to Ireland.

Aslam, who feared being deported, applied for a passport card in another man’s name using his own photograph and used the fraudulently obtained card to travel back ….read more

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