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Jail after ramming of patrol car and 200 km/h chase

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

A man who deliberately reversed his car into a garda patrol car to avoid arrest has been jailed.

John Langfield (35) drove at 200 km/h on the M7 motorway on a wet March night, weaving in and out between lanes.

The high-speed chase, which began in a housing estate in Kill, Co Kildare, ultimately came to an end when Langfield performed a handbrake turn on the Nangor Road, in Clondalkin, Dublin, struck the same patrol car a second time and mounted a traffic island.

Langfield was arrested at the scene and apologised to gardaí in a subsequent interview for his behaviour.

Langfield of O’Hogan ….read more


Five years for man who attacked and threatened ex with "execution"

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

A man who kicked his former partner in the face during an attack and told her that “tonight was her execution” has been jailed for five years.

Barry O’Donoghue (38) of Mourne Road, Drimnagh, Dublin, was convicted by a jury at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court of assault causing harm and threat to kill or cause serious harm at his address between October 20 and 21, 2016.

Judge Elma Sheahan sentenced O’Donoghue to five and a half years imprisonment for the threat to kill and three years imprisonment for the assault. She said both sentences will run concurrently with each other.

Judge Sheahan suspended ….read more

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Violent burglar has sentence increased over attack led by Dessie O'Hare

Court of Appeal

A violent burglar used as “muscle” to evict a family from their home, in an attack lead by former INLA man Dessie O’Hare, has had his prison sentence increased on foot of an appeal by prosecutors.

Donal O’Hara (27), of Glin Park, Coolock, Dublin 17, pleaded guilty at the Special Criminal Court to assaulting John Roche, causing him harm, at The Towers, Garter Lane, Saggart, Co Dublin on June 9, 2015.

He also admitted falsely imprisoning Martin Byrne at Rathcoole and Saggart on the same date.

CCTV footage captured the moment five men, including O’Hara, dragged Mr Roche from his house and ….read more

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Violent mugger ran from victim and into crime scene

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

A violent mugger who was stopped when he ran from his victim and into a nearby crime scene for a different crime has been jailed for two years.

Nathan Benson (21) punched and head-butted Cormac Doyle before running off with his iPhone.

Garda Derek Tubridy told Dublin Circuit Criminal Court that the attack took place at around midnight on July 2, 2016 when Mr Doyle was standing outside the “District 8” nightclub on Francis Street, Dublin.

The victim ran after Benson and caught up with him and grabbed him. Benson turned around and again head-butted Mr Doyle and punched him up to five ….read more

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Sentences totalling 15.5 years over 167kg explosives find

Special Criminal Court

Two men who were “in joint control” of 167kg of explosives found inside a car – enough to make a bomb three quarters as large as the one detonated in Omagh in 1998 – have been jailed for total of fifteen-and-a-half years.

Presiding judge Mr Justice Tony Hunt also told defendant John Brock (46), who has a previous conviction before the Special Criminal Court, that “the time has now come for him to cut this out” and that he could avail of an 18-month sentence reduction if he undertook to dissociate from dissidents.

Mr Justice Hunt said today that the explosives weighed ….read more

Special Criminal Court

Child porn producing pensioner wanted by FBI loses extradition appeal

Court of Appeal

A 79-year-old man the FBI believe has been producing and selling child pornography “for at least 30 years” has lost a legal challenge to his pending extradition.

Daniel Mullan, a dual US Irish citizen, is wanted by the FBI to face trial in New York on charges related to the sexual exploitation and transportation of a minor as well as two counts of possessing child pornography.

Mr Mullan, who is fighting his proposed extradition to the United States from custody in the Midlands Prison, in Portlaoise, was indicted by a Grand Jury in New York in September 2017, while serving a ….read more

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