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Paul McDermott

Judge addresses Ana Kriegel jury on intent

Central Criminal Court

(Pictured: Mr Justice Paul McDermott. Credit: Collins)

The judge in the trial of two boys accused of murdering Ana Kriegel has told the jury that the prosecution case is that her attacker’s intention to kill or cause serious injury is shown by the injuries inflicted upon her.

Having retired yesterday, the jury has so far spent more than four hours considering their verdicts and will return to the Central Criminal Court tomorrow to continue their deliberations. Today they asked to see a number of exhibits, including a stick that a forensic scientist said was stained with blood matching that of Ana’s, a ….read more

Paul McDermott

Judge warns Ana Kriegel jury that lies can be told by innocent people

Central Criminal Court

(Pictured: Mr Justice Paul McDermott. Credit: Collins)

The judge in the trial of two teenage boys accused of murdering Anastasia Kriegel has warned the jury that people lie for many reasons, including shame and to conceal disgraceful behaviour from their family.

In his charge to the jury this morning, Mr Justice Paul McDermott said they could rely on lies allegedly told by the accused as evidence of guilt, only if the prosecution had established that there was no other innocent explanation.

The judge spent the morning explaining the law to the jury following the six-week trial at the Central Criminal Court. He ….read more

Outside Stock Close

"Psychic" guilty of €1.6m deception

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

A former psychic has been convicted by a jury of the theft and money laundering of €1.6 million.

Simon Gold (54) with an address of Augharan, Aughavas, Co. Leitrim, had pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to 22 charges including money laundering, theft, deception and control of false instruments on dates between January 1, 2010 and October 22, 2012.

After over two weeks of evidence, the jury returned a verdict of guilty on 20 counts after deliberating for over 12 hours.

The jury returned a verdict of not guilty on a single count of deception relating to €28,000 transferred by Justin ….read more

Jury room

Jury begin deliberating in Ana Kriegel trial

Central Criminal Court

The jury in the trial of two teenage boys accused of murdering schoolgirl Anastasia Kriegel has begun its deliberations at the Central Criminal Court.

The jury of eight men and four women was sent out to begin deliberating at 12.35pm today. They returned to the courtroom thirty minutes later, where Mr Justice Paul McDermott asked them to suspend their deliberations for the day and resume at 10am tomorrow.

Mr Justice McDermott completed his charge to the jury in the trial of Boy A and Boy B, telling them their verdicts in respect of the three counts must be unanimous.

The judge said ….read more

Patrick Gageby SC

Boy A's barrister asks jury if there is any evidence of intention to kill

Central Criminal Court

(Picture: Defence counsel Mr Patrick Gageby SC. Credit: Collins)

The lawyer for a teenage boy, accused of the murder and aggravated sexual assault of Anastasia Kriegel, has said there was “not one pick of evidence” given by any witness in court that his client intended to kill the schoolgirl or anyone.

Patrick Gageby SC, defending Boy A, asked the jury in his closing speech today if there was “any solid or real evidence” in the case of his client’s intention to kill or his intention to kill Ana Kriegel.

“Has any witness from the witness box given evidence that [Boy A] ever ….read more

Brendan Grehan

Case against Boy A "overwhelming", prosecution tell Ana Kriegel trial

Central Criminal Court

(Pictured: Prosecution counsel Mr Brendan Grehan SC. Credit: Collins)

Ana Kriegel must have thought “her dreams came true” when she heard that one of the boys accused of her murder wanted to meet her in a local park, a barrister has told the Central Criminal Court.

Brendan Grehan SC for the prosecution in his closing speech to the jury today said that Ana “craved friendship” and “bounded out of the house” when Boy B told her that Boy A wanted to meet her. When they met, Mr Grehan said, she fought for her life and suffered a violent death.

The accused, who are ….read more

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