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Illegal cigarettes mule gets time-served sentence

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

A UK care worker under financial pressure who evaded customs duties on €40,000 worth of cigarettes found in her baggage at Dublin Airport has been given an 18-month sentence with the final 15 months suspended.

The court heard Mahissat Anastacia Correia Djaura (24), who has been in custody since her arrest three months ago and must now leave the country on her release, was not the “mastermind” behind the offence.

Djaura, of Bentham Road, London, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to evasion of excise duty on the cigarettes at Terminal 1, Dublin Airport, on September 13, 2021. She has no ….read more

Aiman Khalel

Delivery driver jailed for 'shocking' road rage attack

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

(Pictured: Aiman Khalel. Photo: Collins)

A delivery man has been jailed for attacking another van driver with a wheel lock after a “minor road rage incident” became ‘shockingly’ violent.

Judge Sarah Berkeley described the broad day light assault by Aiman Khalel (40) of Leinster Road, Rathmines, Dublin as “shocking and vicious”.

The victim was struck three times around the head and hand with the steering wheel lock which Khalel had pulled from the victim’s car. The assault arose from a dispute about overtaking when both drivers were pulling into the same lane of traffic coming up to a junction on Clanbrassil Street Upper ….read more

Garda stock5

Gardai rescued woman from Tinder rapist after telling her to hang towel from balcony

Central Criminal Court

A woman who was raped by a man she met on Tinder was rescued by gardaí after she hung a towel on his balcony, identifying his apartment, a court has heard.

Christopher Feeney (58) was found guilty on four counts related to the rape and sexual assault of the woman at his home address in Millbrook, Riverside, Sligo on April 26, 2015, following a Central Criminal Court trial last September.

During the attack, described by Mr Justice David Keane as an “ordeal” that continues to “haunt” his victim, Feeney told the woman that nobody could hear her screams as she cried and ….read more


Test cases sought in victim compensation scheme challenges

High Court

A High Court judge has asked lawyers representing several victims of serious crimes, who are challenging their exclusion from a State compensation scheme, to identify one or two lead actions.

To date, some nine challenges have been brought against refusals by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal to compensate victims of crimes, including assault and sexual assault, because they were made outside the allowed time limit.

At the High Court on Monday, Mr Justice Charles Meenan said that he wants their lawyers to identify one or two lead cases, where all the issues in the actions can be determined and court time ….read more

CCJ Stock 3

Married couple ran brothel empire with 25 escorts

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

By Claire Henry & Brion Hoban

A married couple oversaw and ran nine brothels in the Dublin area, clearing €5,000 profit per week, a court has heard.

Hani Ali Showky (45) and his wife Nicolina Velic (25) ran nine brothels and a total of 25 escorts were at the brothels at the time of the investigation.

Showky and Velic, both of Abbot Court, Cualanor, Dun Laoghaire, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to the running of brothels and organisation of prostitution at various locations in Co Dublin.

They also pleaded guilty to money laundering and the use of false instruments such as bank ….read more

Garda stock4

Garda attacker wishes judges a ‘Happy Christmas’ after they cut his jail time

Court of Appeal

A repeat offender wished three judges of the Court of Appeal a ‘Happy Christmas’ today after they agreed to reduce the jail sentence he was given for assaulting two gardai.

Dean Flynn (25), who once served 84 days in a young offender institute in England for another attack on a police officer, had screamed “I will bite your face off” at the guards who were called to the scene when he breached a court order barring him from entering his mother’s house.

Garda Stephen Noonan was kicked in the face as he and Garda Mark O’Dwyer attempted to lead Flynn ….read more

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