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Grandmother illegally trafficked 9-year-old child into Ireland

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

A South African grandmother who illegally trafficked a nine-year-old child into Ireland was hoping that a romantic relationship might develop with the child’s father, a court has heard.

The 54-year-old woman, who today received a partly suspended two and a half year sentence, was unaware that the child had been abducted by the father from the mother’s custody during a visit. Nothing can be published which may identify the child.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard the woman flew into Ireland with the child and posed as the child’s mother’s at immigration control under directions of the father in the UK via WhatsApp.

She ….read more

Four Courts building2

Brothers receive apology over comments after cancellation of Galway marathon

High Court

Galway City Council and one of its elected councillors have unreservedly apologised to two Galway brothers who claimed they were defamed in comments made in the wake of the cancellation of the 2011 Galway City Marathon.

The apology was to athletes Paul and Richard Donovan who sued both the Council and Fianna Fail Councillor Michael J Crowe for defamation arising out of several publications and statements made by the defendants.

The actions were taking over the remarks concerning the brother’s role as organisers of the Galway City Marathon.

The brothers claimed they were defamed in early August 2011, when the defendants issued ….read more

justice new

Convicted rapist violently attacked and sexually assaulted receptionist

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

A convicted rapist who held a knife to a woman’s throat and sexually assaulted her while she was unconscious has been jailed for six years.

Marius Purcil (39) of Woodbrook Hall, Carpenterstown, Dublin, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to sexual assault and assault causing harm at a holistic treatment centre in Dublin city centre on January 21, 2017.

Judge Martin Nolan sentenced him to five years imprisonment for the count of sexual assault and three years imprisonment for the count of assault causing harm, both of which will run consecutively with each other. He suspended the final two years of ….read more

Four Courts dome

Judge warns litigants over bad advice

High Court

A High Court judge has warned persons involved in litigation of the consequences of taking bad advice form non-legally qualified persons.

Ms Justice Leonie Reynolds made the remarks when making orders in granting a fund-appointed receiver possession of a commercial property located at Six Cross Roads in Co Waterford.

The judge said that parties in the case had no lawyers representing them, had been badly advised by persons with no legal qualifications and would ultimately have to bear the large legal costs of any failed applications.

The action was brought against Mr Paddy Early, of Killea, Dunmore East, Co Waterford ….read more


Referee beaten up after trying to break up row

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

A catering student has received a suspended prison sentence for beating up a passerby who tried to break up a row between him and his girlfriend.

The row between Emmet Prizeman (22) and his then partner began inside a nightclub on Harcourt Street in Dublin city where they had been drinking.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that the dispute spilled out onto the street where Stephen Merchant attempted to intervene.

CCTV footage captured Prizeman punching Mr Merchant once and the victim falling quickly to the ground. Prizeman then kicked the victim twice while he was on the ground, Aideen Collard BL, prosecuting, told ….read more

Papal Cross

Mass thief who left labelled bike at scene avoids jail

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

A Dublin man who stole €500 of mass donations from the sacristy of a church has received a suspended prison sentence.

Justin Murray (40) of Moatview Court, Coolock, ran away from the church when a parishioner saw what he was doing.

Gardaí later identified Murray as the thief from CCTV in the area and found his bicycle which had a sticker with “Justin Murray” on it discarded on the church grounds.

At Dublin Circuit Criminal Court today Judge Elma Sheahan noted that Murray had made efforts to rehabilitate from drug addiction and was now drug free.

She suspended a 12-month prison sentence on condition ….read more

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