Blount Family

[Pictured: Sonia Blount’s family and friends, including her mother Patricia (second from right) and sister Claire Reddin (centre) leave court after Eric Locke was given a mandatory life sentence today. Credit: Collins]

A Dublin man has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering a single mother-of-one hours after her son’s third birthday party, in what the judge described as ‘an unspeakable tragedy’ for the child.

Sonia Blount’s family engaged the services of a child psychologist to help explain to the boy why he would never see his mother again, the Central Criminal Court heard.

Eric Locke had used a fake Facebook profile ….read more

Liz Gaffney Sonia Blount family friend

Caution urged online in wake of Sonia Blount murder

Central Criminal Court

(Pictured: Family friend Liz Gaffney. Credit: Collins)

The family of Sonia Blount has urged social media users to be cautious and aware online, saying Ms Blount had paid for an error of judgment with her life.

The warning followed the jailing for life of the man who murdered her after using a fake Facebook profile to lure her to a Dublin hotel room.

Family friend Liz Gaffney spoke outside court following Eric Locke’s sentencing. She thanked the legal team for its hard work, the gardai for their diligence and meticulous work, Ms Blount’s friends and her colleagues at Henkel Locktite for all their ….read more

Court ccj inside

ISIS funding suspect refused bail

High Court

An Irish Muslim accused of funding Isis has been refused bail at the High Court.

Justice Aileen Donnelly delivered her judgement on Friday evening saying the refusal of bail is necessary under Section 2A of the Bail Act, having heard evidence from Chief Superintendent Dominic Hayes.

The section allows a Chief Superintendent to give evidence that the refusal of bail is necessary to prevent the commission of a serious offence.

Hasan Bal (25), formerly living at an address at O’Connell St in Waterford, faces charges of providing funding for a foreign terrorist group on 2 October 2015, and attempting to collect funding ….read more

Four Courts dome

Bid to prevent sale of AIB “abuse of process”

High Court

The High Court has struck out a businessman’s bid to prevent the sale of shares held by the government in AIB bank.

In his judgement on Friday evening, Mr Justice Paul Gilligan said he was satisfied proceedings brought by Mr Vincent O’Donoghue, with an address at Church Street, Dublin 7, to prevent the sale of the shares could not succeed.

In proceedings against AIB Plc, the Minister for Finance, the Government, Ireland and the Attorney General Mr O’Donoghue, who represented himself, sought a declaration that the proposed sale is contrary to the common good and is unlawful.

In his ruling, the ….read more

Gary Kearney

Robber posing as garda quoted sections of law

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

(Pictured: Gary Kearney. Credit: Collins)

A serial offender with 160 previous convictions who claimed to be an undercover garda before taking part in handcuffing and robbing a man has avoided a custodial sentence.

Gary Kearney (25) and an accomplice quoted sections of law before “searching” the man and removing his belongings on Millennium Bridge, Dublin in the early hours of the morning. The robbers were aggressive and the victim feared he would be pushed into the Liffey while handcuffed.

Kearney’s previous convictions include assault, animal cruelty, robbery, theft, burglary, criminal damage and public order offences.

Kearney of Poddle Close, Crumlin, Dublin pleaded guilty at ….read more

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