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The hearing of a German film company’s claim that two well-known Irish film producers diverted €40m in funds out of a film production company to either themselves personally or corporate entities controlled by them, is not likely to be heard until 2020.

The claim is made by Berlin-based W2 Filmproduktion Vertriebs GmbH against producers Mr Morgan O’Sullivan and Mr James Flynn, who it is alleged diverted the funds out of Octagon Films Ltd, a company they are all shareholders in.

Both men deny the allegations.

The case, which commenced in 2016, returned before Ms Justice Teresa Pilkington on Wednesday, who made ….read more

(Pictured: Barry Watters. Credit: Collins)

Serial offender Barry Watters, who was “hounded” by the media for repeatedly being caught with child pornography according to his lawyers, has had his prison sentence cut on appeal.

Watters (43) pleaded guilty to public indecency, when he exposed himself to a number of children on their way to school in Dublin, over two days, in December 2014. He also pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography at Middle Abbey Street, Dublin, on October 20, 2016.

Watters, originally from Dundalk, Co Louth, and previously of Infirmary Road, in Dublin, has been given several sentences over the past ….read more

A Catholic priest facing drug charges in the United States is not prevented from travelling to Ireland to give evidence in a dispute involving him and his siblings over their late mother’s will, the High Court has heard.

The court heard today that, despite being on bail on foot of the criminal charges, New York-based Fr Michael O’Leary is not prohibited from coming to Ireland to give evidence in the will dispute.

The case came before the High Court earlier this month, when Fr O’Leary’s lawyers sought an adjournment because of difficulties concerning his availability to give evidence following his ….read more

The managing partner of a London-based private equity firm has obtained a High Court order aimed at establishing who is behind a social media account he claims is being used to smear his reputation.

The orders were granted, on consent, in favour of Mr Philip Rattle, of August Equity LLP, who claims that both he and his family have been upset by posts on a Twitter account set up in his name, which he has nothing to do with.

The tweets, he claims, are deliberately targeted towards maligning him and causing serious damage to his reputation, privacy and are defamatory. ….read more

Neighbours of a 91-year-old widow have agreed before the High Court to remove a cement barrier which she claimed prevented her from leaving her south Dublin home.

Patricia Rochford, who claimed she was unable to leave her home on Adelaide Road, got a temporary High Court injunction last week requiring the owners of the nearby property – Mr Morgan Crowe, Ms Brid Large and Ms Mary Irving – to remove the obstruction.

At the High Court on Tuesday, a lawyer for one of the defendants said his client was prepared to take down the barrier, located on a laneway ….read more

A Commercial Court action against former Anglo Irish Bank executive Thomas Browne has been listed for hearing in April of 2020.

The case was originally due to be heard back in October 2012 but was adjourned on the basis that it may have caused conflict with criminal proceedings against former Anglo Irish Bank Chairman Sean Fitzpatrick and senior executive Pat Whelan.

Those trials have long since concluded. Mr Fitzpatrick was cleared of all charges brought against him arising out of the bank’s demise.

In July 2014 Mr Whelan, Anglo’s one-time director of lending in Ireland, was sentenced to 240 hours of ….read more

A legal challenge by 23 South Dublin residents against a decision to grant planning permission for the redevelopment of a building near their homes has been admitted to the fast-track commercial court list.

Earlier this month, the residents from Dartmouth Square in Ranelagh, Dublin 6 secured permission from the High Court to seek to quash An Bord Pleanála’s approval for an office redevelopment project at the old Carroll’s building on Grand Parade near their homes.

They claim significant alterations were made to the original plan and say there was a failure to notify the public that works to provide for a ….read more

A vulnerable young woman at the centre of a “horror story” of alleged sexual abuse by more than 12 males before she was taken into care aged ten has told the president of the High Court that she will need supports into the future.

Mr Justice Peter Kelly said the 18-year-old has told him in a letter that she will need supports to help her in the future and to assist her in dealing with criminal proceedings brought against certain family members following her disclosures of alleged sexual abuse.

She had also said she wants more independence after several years in care ….read more

An appeal by Eir against several decisions by the Commissioner for Communications Regulation concerning the firm’s obligations to provide certain essential services has been admitted to the fast track commercial court list.

The case was admitted to the list by Mr Justice Robert Haughton at the Commercial Court on Monday.

The appeal arises out ComReg’s decision not to provide it with funding in respect of the costs Eir incurred delivering its universal obligations as the States designated Universal Service Provider (USP) for services including providing pay phones, fixed lines in isolated areas and directory services.

In terms ….read more

A retired soldier has claimed before the High Court that he should never have been prescribed the anti-malaria drug known as ‘Larium’ while serving overseas with the Defence Forces.

Anthony Moore, who spent 25 years in the military, claims his mental and physical health has suffered greatly as a result of taking Mefloquine Hydrochloride, or Larium, when he served in Liberia in 2005 to 2006 and Chad in 2008.

53-year-old Mr Moore, from Kilworth Road, Drimnagh, Dublin 12 claims that following his deployment to Liberia, he began to experience problems, which he put down to working in a humid ….read more

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