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11 years for man said to have raped foster daughter '1,000 times'

Central Criminal Court

(Pictured: Abuse Survivor Ms Kelly Kemmy. Photo: Collins)

By Sonya McLean & Claire Henry

A man said to have raped his foster daughter over 1,000 times has been sentenced to eleven years in prison.

24-year-old Kelly Kemmy, who has decided to waive her anonymity to name Stephen Murray (56) her foster father and abuser, said she was raped a thousand times from the age of 11 until she was 18.

She told the Central Criminal Court that she stands before Stephen Murray now a survivor and is determined not to let the abuse define her.

Stephen Murray (56) of Humphreystown, Valleymount, Co Wicklow, pleaded guilty ….read more

City Centre Stock

Building earmarked for Ukrainian refugees illegally taken over by 'Revolutionary Workers Union', court told

High Court

Work has halted on the conversion of a former homeless shelter into accommodation for Ukrainian refugees because the building has been taken over by a group calling itself the ‘Revolutionary Workers Union’, the High Court has heard.

Lefroy House on Eden Quay in Dublin City centre had been operated as emergency accommodation for minors in crisis for many years until its closure in early 2021.

The Salvation Army holds a long lease hold interest in the property, which they had been renovating to accommodate refugees from war-torn Ukraine. The Salvation Army had hoped to open its doors to the first group of ….read more

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Man jailed for raping best friend

Central Criminal Court

By Peter Murtagh and Fiona Ferguson

A man who raped a woman described as his “best friend” and to whom he was “like a brother” has been jailed for three and a half years.

The man, who is aged 27 and cannot be named in order to protect the identity of his victim, was charged with a single count of rape on November 7, 2018. He was convicted by a jury on November 15, 2021.

He had pleaded not guilty and, while accepting the verdict of the jury, the Central Criminal Court was told at his sentencing hearing last month that the man ….read more


Michael Lynn tells trial he gave 'bonuses' to senior bankers

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

(Pictured: Mr Michael Lynn. Photo: Collins)

Former solicitor Michael Lynn has defended his decision not to “reveal his hand” about alleged secret deals he had with senior bankers, his multi-million euro theft trial has heard.

Mr Lynn also defended the extradition process from Brazil that lasted for four years, saying he did not “flee” to Brazil and that translation issues were the cause of the delay.

Under cross-examination from prosecution counsel today, Mr Lynn (53) said he had waited a long time to tell his story and that he couldn’t resolve diplomatic issues when he was “under gunpoint in a hellhole prison in ….read more

Central Criminal Court court 13 inside

Teen murder trial witness tells trial of moment he realised he'd been stabbed

Central Criminal Court

A 17-year-old murder trial witness has described the moment he realised a food-delivery cyclist hadn’t punched him but had instead stabbed him three times, telling the court: “I looked down and saw my jacket was ripped a few times and my grey t-shirt was now red and covered in blood”.

However, under cross-examination, the boy, who cannot be named because he is underage, agreed with Padraig Dwyer SC, for the accused, that the two Brazilian delivery riders were “outnumbered” on the night that schoolboy Josh Dunne was killed and that it was not “a fair fight”.

George Gonzaga Bento (36), ….read more


Catering workers awarded compensation over 'lazy' redundancies


The WRC has ruled that catering firm Sodexo carried out a “lazy” and “wholly inadequate” redundancy process in dismissing two night shift workers when its client sent staff to work from home during the pandemic.

Patricia Fleming and Kaye McDonnell both brought claims under the Unfair Dismissals Act against Sodexo claiming they were “deliberately targeted” for redundancy because they were on better rates of pay.

Both women represented themselves at a joint adjudication hearing into their cases in April.

The Workplace Relations Commission was told they had both worked at a client site in Ovens, Co Cork as employees of Aramark Catering for ….read more

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